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Directors:  Andrew Bemis

Screenwriter:  Andrew Bemis

Genre:  Comedy/Drama


What makes Most Likely special? Because summarizing a character-driven comedy like Most Likely - a comedy about a group of old friends spending a weekend at a house in the country for a wedding - in a digestible way without spoiling the characters and moments that make it special inevitably makes it sound like a movie that you might pause on while scrolling through Netflix, half-remember having heard of it, and keep scrolling. There’s an endless list of movies about old friends, relationships and getting older – what does Most Likely have that they don’t?


Naked Yoga, for one. But I've already said too much.

Most Likely revolves around the wedding of Kurt and Chloe, a free-spirited couple that, instead of planning a traditional wedding, decide to invite their closest friends to spend the weekend at Kurt's family's vacation house in northern New Hampshire. Among the guests are Chloe’s lifelong friends - Beth, a talented but aimless aspiring writer; Mia, a recently divorced single mom who’d rather not be at a wedding; and Joe, a theater director recovering from the emotional fallout of a bad breakup. Unfolding over the course of the weekend leading up to Chloe and Kurt’s nuptials, wine is poured (and other substances are imbibed), old friendships are tested and new relationships begin.


While Most Likely’s subject matter is familiar and its themes are universal, it’s an increasingly rare thing these days - a comedy for adults. The laughs grow out of situations that will be relatable for anyone who has ever watched their peers marry and start families as their own lives seem to be stuck in neutral. Or anyone who has been though heartbreak and has to find the courage to take a chance on romance again. More than anything, it’s about those rare friends that, though they may find they lives drifting in different directions, are always there for each other when it counts. “Mature” is probably a strong word to describe Most Likely – did I mention the naked Yoga? – but it’s a movie with heart and genuine affection for its offbeat cast of characters.

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