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Andrew Bemis is the writer, director, co-producer, cinematographer and editor of Black Light, a romantic comedy that premiered in 2009. He's also the writer and director of Most Likely, a romantic comedy currently in preproduction. In addition, Andrew writes about movies and other media for Vermicious, EuroCultAV and his blog, Cinevistaramascope. He lives in New Hampshire with his family.


Andrew Bemis

Jennifer has lived in New England for her whole life, and has experience with acting (Our Town, Antigone, The Vagina Monologues, and improv), stage direction and set design. Jennifer is incredibly passionate about music as well and managed her campus radio station for 3 years in college. She is working as a producer on Most Likely.

Jen Beaudoin

Robert Brookes is a freelance writer from New Hampshire, formerly having done work in the video game industry as a content designer and concept artist. Robert is currently working as producer on Most Likely.

Robert Brookes

Jess Conger is originally from the wilds of upstate New York, but has lived in New England for the past decade. She enjoys long walks on the beach, her cat, and wasting time on the internet. You may have seen her on stage in Salem State University's production of The Vagina Monologues in 2010, or more recently in the Post Meridian Radio Player's productions of Super Sleuths in 2014 and The Scarlet Pimpernel in 2015. Perhaps you have seen Black Light, her feature film debut. Or, she's waited on you at her job. Jessica is proud to be involved with Most Likely.

Jess Conger

Amanda has been shooting since the days of MiniDV tapes. Her first projects were horror flicks starring her high school classmates. Even though she came up in the digital world, Amanda covets every opportunity to work with 16mm and 35mm film. In 2010 she earned a B.A. from Emerson College with a concentration in Cinematography. Upon graduating she worked as a technician and engineer at RULE BOSTON CAMERA and lensed the award winning short film Phil's Butts. After years of shooting shorts, docs, and sports coverage she entered the feature film world with the fantasy film The Gathering Storm and made a return to her roots with the horror comedy Chainsaw Maidens.

Amanda McGrady

Though born in Michigan Hannah has spent the majority of her life in New Hampshire. Hannah studied screenwriting at the Academy of Art University in San Fransisco and has a lifelong passion for movies. 

Hannah Rodgers

Raised in the woods and now living amongst steel and concrete, Kevin Sandberg lives in a quiet reality as a war between malevolent robots and dinosaur ghosts rages on in his brain. His only fears are those parasites that enter the body via the urethra and finding himself in a life-threatening situation where the only escape is climbing a rope. Kevin is also a part-time comic book artist who has contributed artwork for various posters and web series.

Kevin Sandberg

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